2020 Vision

“Looking through crystal spectacles/
I can see you’ve had your fun.”
–Donovan, Epistle to Dippy (from Sunshine Superman album, 1966)

Back in the day we called them “trip glasses.”

Their multi-faceted lenses gave the wearer a kaleidoscopic view of the world which, we were told, was “just like an LSD trip.”  Never having indulged in LSD, I can’t speak to the truth of that claim; the only trips I had while wearing them were over my own two feet.

Some advantages of trip glasses over LSD:

  • Trip glasses weren’t illegal.
  • No flashbacks cropping up at inopportune times.
  • No danger of ingesting the questionable products of amateur pharmacists.
  • A “trip” could be stopped at will simply by taking off the glasses and restoring normal vision.

Speaking of vision, 20/20 means perfect eyesight.

2020, however, refers to a year that will live in infamy for a whole lot of folks.

Wouldn’t it be great if  we could stop 2020’s crazy train/roller coaster ride just by  removing a pair of glasses?

Take care, everybody.  We’re all in this together!

One thought on “2020 Vision

  1. thanks, Donna . . . another great one from you — linking our country’s first (?) psychedelic subculture to its current trippy version, also sure to go down in history/herstory.
    blessings & best wishes for your safety & health!
    pam c / mpls


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