Eye Can See Clearly Now…..

  Finally broke down and got new glasses. I knew the old ones weren't  cutting it anymore.  I'd often catch myself squinting at street signs and zooming in more and more on the computer screen. Whatever fancy-dancy coating they put on the lenses had gone rogue and made it impossible to clean them. Of course … Continue reading Eye Can See Clearly Now…..

Four things 2018 taught me

  1. Expect the unexpected. 2018 took an unholy delight in shaking things up, throwing things out, and lobbing meteorites from out of nowhere. It was disconcerting, upsetting, depressing, and exhausting. What I learned: Take nothing--and nobody-- for granted. Remember that nothing's ever always--including the bad times. Decide what's really important, and save my energy … Continue reading Four things 2018 taught me