Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated

death on vacation

I was so sick I almost wished I was dead, but apparently the Grim Reaper had better things to do with his time than cart off this particular sweet (?)  little old white-haired lady.

I’m beginning to think the month of April has it in for me.

Last year was emergency gall bladder surgery that laid me out for most of a month.  This year bronchitis appeared on the scene, quickly followed by a five-alarm sinus infection.  Not to be outdone, my allergies got into the act, creating a nasty, asthma-like complication.  I was pretty much bedridden for the week-long duration and utterly miserable until the congestion finally broke.pirate sneeze

I’m feeling a whole lot better now.  Hearty thanks go to:

  • Judd, who ferried my pathetic bag of bones to various doctor appointments, made multiple (legal) drug runs on my behalf, kept me fed & hydrated, and never, not even once, complained about my incessant coughing and whining.
  • My wonderful big brother.  (I could feel your vibes all the way from Florida, doll!)
  • My beloved cat Syd, who stayed faithfully by my side except for meals, trips to the litter box, and an occasional sanity break from the above-mentioned incessant coughing.
  • Peanut the three-legged wonder cat, who took time out from conquering the world to hop up on the bed and stare at me quizzically with huge green eyes that asked, “Whyfor you barking like a dog?”

I did absolutely no writing for the duration, which has done wonders for my sparkling personality.

crowly deep throat knife

Time to get back in the traces, methinks, before I alienate the entire planet all by my little lonesome…

On that note–

Happy Beltaine!


(Don’t do anything they wouldn’t do… 🙂 )