Going Viral

Looks like an evil little critter hitchhiked a ride on my unsuspecting husband.

Poor Judd’s been dealing with a lung-busting, rib-cracking cough for a couple of days (and nights) now.  I had my fingers crossed that it was something an antibiotic would quickly put to flight, but according to  the doctor  that wretched beast (the critter, not Judd) is a virus.  A virus just laughs in the face of antibiotics and goes about its nasty business.

So looks like it’s fluids, rest and guaifenesin for the duration.

Some other stuff that’s helped:

  • Amping up hot tea with cinnamon sticks and crystallized ginger.  Besides being nummy, it helps open things up.
  • Ginger tea. It’s an acquired taste for some people, but there aren’t words for how much we love it. It’s said to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, plus it helps to clear sinuses and reduce post-nasal drip, which triggers coughing.
  • Comfortably-spicy (as in, doesn’t burn your tonsils out) foods. Mexican, Cajun, and mild-to-medium Indian curries seem to work really well in our household.  Seems to open things up and make breathing easier.
  • A fabulous chicken soup recipe I came across last flu season.  At first I was leery about cinnamon and lemon playing a feature role in chicken soup, but I gotta tell you not only does it smell heavenly, it tastes great.  There’s also a ton of garlic–20 cloves roasted in olive oil.  This soup does a great job of relieving congestion, plus it leaves you feeling warm and cozy.  It also freezes/reheats really well.
  • Sleeping whenever and wherever the spirit moves you.  Sleep is an incredibly powerful medicine and a great healer.
  • Accepting the fact that a virus has its own schedule and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about chore lists or weekend plans.

On that note, I’m off to check on my favorite patient.

Take care, and may the Force be with you!

3 thoughts on “Going Viral

  1. oh dear, Donna . . . best wishes to your hub, Judd . . . and hope you don’t catch the viral beastie!
    that’s a really creepy animated graphic, too — goes perfectly with the scary, icky symptoms.
    thanks for the great suggestions for healing/recovery, which i’m going to copy for future reference . . . even the chicken soup with cinnamon & lemon (yeah, weird-sounding combo). your ginger love reminds me to pick up some root to have on hand; it’s the best!
    thanks for sharing these tips, and may your fave patient soon feel well enuff to wait on his fave nurse/doc.
    😉 pam c

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    • Thanks, Pam, you’re the best! I’ll pass your good wishes along. I feel so bad for him, poor guy hasn’t even been able to lay down to sleep because of the coughing. He’s doing somewhat better today (fingers crossed), still coughing but not as frequently or as badly. On another note, isn’t ginger fabulous? Such a versatile root, good for so many things. Mother Nature truly is a goddess.


      • hi, donna — good news that your hub seems to be on the mend. that’s a tough cough that keeps one from lying down . . . uffda. sleep is so necessary, esp when we’re ailing.
        re: The Root . . . i grate fresh ginger into my fave holiday-cookie recipe, and YUMS . . . yes, Mother Nature IS a goddess!
        take good care of yourself & your hub. . .
        xo plc


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