Pasta for the Depressed

It must say something about me (I shudder to think what) that, although I struggle with depression myself and know how rough it can be, I spit a huge mouthful of mint tea into my keyboard laughing when I saw this:

Pasta for the Depressed

Pasta for the Depressed

I can’t claim credit for it, but kudos to its creator, who has obviously been-there-felt-that.

takei 2There were a few other “drown the keyboard” moments this week thanks to the fabulous George Takei, who played Sulu in the original Star Trek series and is now raising merry hell all over the internet as himself. I had a great time reading two of his books: Oh, Myyy! There Goes  the Internet and Lions and Tigers and Bears: The Internet Strikes Back (Oh, Myyy!).  Both are quick reads, hilarious and surprisingly informative about the freaks and foibles of social media. The man has a way with words that just won’t quit, and absolutely nothing is sacred.  His description of two particular Star Trek-related memes he’d come across had me howling like a coyote, but the pictures in the e-book were too small to see.  So I betook myself to the Intertubes, and here they be:

captain kisses like a girl

 safe word











On that note, I think I’ll take my leave….

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Live long and prosper!