When I finally walk away


When I finally walk away
I will shed it all like scales,
One at a time.
As I reach the door
I’ll be light enough to fly into the
rest of my life, free at last.
Meanwhile, the scales will be gathered up
By the next unwitting victim
Who will gratefully wear them
As a protective suit of armor
Until  she realizes they’re actually an anchor
That holds her in place as she’s slowly pulled under.

 —Donna Frahmann

photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via photopin cc

The Eyes Have It


“Eyeglasses #2” by Barbro Björnemalm

I don’t get out much.

Mostly by choice, let me hasten to add. I’m a homebody, perfectly content to pull up the drawbridge and read/write/cook/what-have-you.  At the end of my workdays in the World Out there, I’m like a rabbit scurrying for her burrow. Once there, I kick off my shoes, let The Girls out of  Boob Jail and chill.  Nirvana!

This weekend, though, I had an adventure:  I got new eyeglasses.

I pretty much had to.

Remains of my old glasses

Remains of my old glasses

Intellectually, I always knew that light-weight, delicate, no-frame jobs were never intended for absent-minded klutzes like me. But at the time I had to have them, I’d been wearing heavy-framed glasses ever since I could remember and the thought of  having this airy bit of nothingness perched on the bridge of my nose was…well.. simply irresistible!


Well, yeah, but…

I’d forget I was wearing them, which wasn’t so great when I’d go to rub my eyes and hit the lenses instead, or yank a brush through my hair and send the glasses flying across the room.

They were so delicate and light-colored that if they were misplaced, I wasn’t able to find them because I couldn’t see without my glasses.  (My husband deserves a medal for all the scouting expeditions he conducted.)

To make a long story short, this weekend we went glasses-shopping. The stars must have been in perfect alignment because not only did I find frames I really liked in less than ten minutes, but I also got seen by the eye doctor that same day.  My glasses have been ordered, and now I’m just waiting for the phone call.

So what kind of frames did I get? Dark, square-ish, kinda “geek chic.”  They’re heavier and more sturdy, but that’s okay. If I get a yen for freedom, I can always spring The Girls out of Boob Jail.