Eye Can See Clearly Now…..


Finally broke down and got new glasses.

I knew the old ones weren’t  cutting it anymore.  I’d often catch myself squinting at street signs and zooming in more and more on the computer screen. Whatever fancy-dancy coating they put on the lenses had gone rogue and made it impossible to clean them.

Of course I had a number of excuses for not addressing the situation sooner.

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The Eyes Have It


“Eyeglasses #2” by Barbro Björnemalm

I don’t get out much.

Mostly by choice, let me hasten to add. I’m a homebody, perfectly content to pull up the drawbridge and read/write/cook/what-have-you.  At the end of my workdays in the World Out there, I’m like a rabbit scurrying for her burrow. Once there, I kick off my shoes, let The Girls out of  Boob Jail and chill.  Nirvana!

This weekend, though, I had an adventure:  I got new eyeglasses.

I pretty much had to.

Remains of my old glasses

Remains of my old glasses

Intellectually, I always knew that light-weight, delicate, no-frame jobs were never intended for absent-minded klutzes like me. But at the time I had to have them, I’d been wearing heavy-framed glasses ever since I could remember and the thought of  having this airy bit of nothingness perched on the bridge of my nose was…well.. simply irresistible!


Well, yeah, but…

I’d forget I was wearing them, which wasn’t so great when I’d go to rub my eyes and hit the lenses instead, or yank a brush through my hair and send the glasses flying across the room.

They were so delicate and light-colored that if they were misplaced, I wasn’t able to find them because I couldn’t see without my glasses.  (My husband deserves a medal for all the scouting expeditions he conducted.)

To make a long story short, this weekend we went glasses-shopping. The stars must have been in perfect alignment because not only did I find frames I really liked in less than ten minutes, but I also got seen by the eye doctor that same day.  My glasses have been ordered, and now I’m just waiting for the phone call.

So what kind of frames did I get? Dark, square-ish, kinda “geek chic.”  They’re heavier and more sturdy, but that’s okay. If I get a yen for freedom, I can always spring The Girls out of Boob Jail.