Fabulously Feral

In keeping with Covid-19 safety precautions I’ve been working remotely since March 2020 and holding my forays into the World Out There to the barest minimum. I realize being an introverted empath who would rather stay home and read makes this easier for me than it is for some folks, but I’ve actually discovered some definite pluses in the situation.

Escape from Boob Jail
Wooo-hooo! At long last, a welcome end to the ongoing struggle with
–weapons-grade shoulder straps
–“tourniquet” under bands
–homicidal underwires
–closure hooks that feel like a back rub from Edward Scissorhands

(“The Girls” and I can definitely make this a way of life…)


Welcome to my nightmare…..

Naked Eyes
Like many redheads, my eyebrows and eyelashes were white long before my hair was. I hated this with a passion, so over the years I’ve used enough mascara and eyebrow pencil to sink a small yacht. Now I’ve realized the only entities who see me are my husband (who already knew the awful truth) and the cat (who couldn’t care less), so why bother? Before working remotely I would never, ever have emerged in public without my protective coloration. Now?  On rare occasions when the spirit moves me I might paint up to go to the grocery store.  Later I’ll forget I have the stuff on, rub my eyes and–voila! Instant Alice Cooper! So again, why bother?

Cheetos are a food group.  So are cheesecake and mesquite barbecue potato chips.  Also, a spoonful of real maple syrup is good for the soul.

Fashion understatements. I have my “going downstairs where it’s chilly” sweats, my “staying upstairs where it’s warm” sweats, and my watch-another-episode-of-Versailles-on-Netflix-while-eating-the-aforementioned-cheesecake pajamas. Ah, the simplicity! 

Whole libraries at my fingertips.  Thanks to my Kindle tablet I have been able to ransack multiple libraries without leaving my chair (which would disturb the cat). 

As I got to know myself better during this “away time” I realized some of the rules and restrictions I’ve chafed against over the years were actually self-imposed. (For example, nobody ever forced me to wear eye makeup.)  And a lot of things I’ve jokingly called “feral” are just—me being me. Definitely something to think about…

Take care, all, and stay safe! 

The Donna-Go-Braless image was created by me using Pixton.
The Alice Cooper Eyes image was adapted from: “File:Alice Cooper – 2019254212312 2019-09-11 Alice Cooper – 0458 – B70I0459.jpg” by Sven Mandel, which is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0