About the Tea Party….


No, not that one.

And no way am I elegant enough for this one:

tea setting

And, while I wouldn’t turn down an invitation to this next one,

mad hatters tea party

the tea party I joined isn’t about politics or beautiful china.  Indirectly, I guess it does have to do with the Mad Hatter–i.e., how I get when I devote too much

T ime
E nergy
A ttention

to worries, anticipating the worst, nursing grudges, etc.  The more TEA I devote to stuff like that, the bigger and badder those things become in my life.  Conversely, when I devote TEA to positive things like writing, friendships/relationships, even something as mundane as reclaiming the wilds of my desk so I can actually function, the results are positive, encouraging, and give a welcome sense of accomplishment.  Like so many things in life, it’s all in the way I choose to use it.

I can’t claim credit for TEA.  You’ll find it all over the internet and in self-help books, but I stumbled across it quite recently and immediately grabbed it for my mantra.

TEA can be yours, too, for just $9.99 plus postage and handling!  (Kidding, just kidding.)  Seriously, though, take it for a spin and see how it works for you.

Take care, all!






















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Tea Party

Elegant tea setting: photo credit: Tea Time via photopin (license)