OLD WOLVES–A Story About Second Chances


Old Wolves ebook cover copy“You know all those things you want to forget about your personal journey through hell? They might be exactly what somebody else needs to hear so they can make it through their own.” –Jared Aldridge

In this moving, often hilarious new work by the author of SLICED BUT NOT DICED–A LOVE STORY, Jared and Robin Aldridge find their family-circle-of-choice increasing rapidly when Jared takes a job at Karmyk, an ominously-named recycling company that’s a magnet for misfit loners who have burned through their options.

OLD WOLVES features short, quick-moving chapters, memorably flawed characters with unique voices, and twists of fate and friendship that force these characters to make leaps of trust that help them heal and move forward. The story is told by four narrators whose paths converge at Karmyk:

Jared Aldridge: With twenty-five years clean and sober, Jared is Karmyk’s go-to guy for people with drug problems. But when his refusal to ask for help with a difficult situation puts both his and Robin’s lives at risk, he learns the hard way that just because he got the monkey off his back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.

Martin McBride: a self-proclaimed Old Wolf with a painful past who’s been with Karmyk since the doors first opened, Martin’s a born handyman who can fix everything short of a rainy day. But he never expected to use his skills to mend broken people–including himself.

Sam Parish: the enigmatic former owner of Karmyk, Sam once had everything he thought he wanted, but lost all the things that really mattered. Now he’s emerging from the depths of his prolonged Johnnie-Walker-induced slump determined to reclaim the two most important losses–his long-missing son, and Karmyk.

Bond: After spending the first five years of his life in crack houses and homeless shelters, Karmyk’s introverted, reluctantly-psychic young computer geek/EMT/voice of reason is the quintessential loner until a tragic loss, followed by a surprise encounter with a most unlikely tour guide, shows him that happiness is free for the taking–IF he’s willing to take a giant step outside his comfort zone.

To read a sample chapter, click here.

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