Current Projects

SLICED BUT NOT DICED–A LOVE STORY  began life as the first section of my full-length novel OLD WOLVES. Concerns about word count caused me to remove Sliced from the longer work, and I decided to publish it as an e-book on Amazon in May 2014.  It’s definitely a love story, but not just a romantic one. There’s also close friendship—the kind that isn’t afraid to get its hands and heart dirty, and loves you enough to give you hell when the situation warrants.

People with badly toxic family backgrounds discover that, while blood relationships are an accident of biology, “family” is really a special state of love between people who may not even be related.

There’s also the hard-won self-love that helped people fight their way back from childhood trauma, drug addiction and near-fatal domestic abuse.

Most of all, there’s the special love between people who have no delusions of perfection, who are careful of each other’s hurt places and who value the differences that make each of them unique.

OLD WOLVES–A Story About Second Chances is a full-length novel I published in e-book form on March 6, 2015. Click on the title for a description of the book. There’s also a sample chapter.

MAGIC MAN–A Story About Forgiveness is my current project.  It’s taking me every which-where, and I’m loving every minute of it.





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