One picture for each personality….

My philosophy of life, arrived at after years of making myself as miserable as is humanly possible, is:  Hate and resentment take up ‘way too much room. Dump ’em!

I wrote the above when I first started this blog back in 2014.  It’s now 2019, and, with all the (carefully orchestrated) chaos and turmoil going on, this philosophy

  • requires more work to maintain
  • is worth the struggle
  • is more important than ever

Also back in 2014, I was 5 foot nothing tall.  I am now 4 foot 11-1/2, per the height measure in my doctor’s office.  (I’d been wondering why certain items I was always able to snag before if I really stre-e-e-e-tched were now out of reach.)  As I pull out my steppy-uppy-thingy in order to retrieve said items, I comfort myself that good things come in small(er) packages.  Fortunately I’ve got a  wonderful six-foot-something husband who’s always ready to come to the rescue:

Me:  Can you come over and be tall for me?
He:   I’d play hell trying to be short!  On my way.



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