You can tell your old Aunt Donna’s in her natural habitat.

Just look at that smile. With dimples, no less!  Check out the relaxed posture. And even though they’re a bit swollen with seasonal allergies, the eyes are bright, alert and happy.

There are far worse fates than being an introverted, empathic homebody all nice and snug in her sanctuary—especially the way the World Out There (WOT) has been these days.

But I don’t have to let the bad stuff take up all-pervading residence in my mind. I can shoo it away with a list of things I’m grateful for: a wonderful husband who knows all about me but loves me anyhow, two grown kids with seriously warped senses of humor, Peanut-the-Three-Legged Wonder-Cat….I could go on and on, but you get the idea. And the good stuff is ‘way more fun to think about than the manufactured mayhem du jour.

If something icky from the WOT does manage to sneak in, I can simply choose to release it, switch the mental channel, or….hell, even clean the toilet! Just do something–anything–different.

I can also make changes in my life. Mostly small ones, of course, but there’s one giant leap of faith that’s long overdue. (Misery may love company, but it ain’t getting any more of mine!)

Gotta admit I’m still very much a work in progress, and some days are better than others. But the important thing is–I am working at it, because I’m worth the effort.

Take care, everybody!

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